a few words Joe

image_1Joe Exotic started the animal rescue business in 1986 holding multiple license by the State of Texas, Oklahoma, USDA, Federal Fish and Wildlife, along with being a Police Chief and EMT.

Joe Exotic has been given the honor of being Oklahoma’s Emergency Animal Response Team for the Oklahoma Emergency Disaster Service, and spends most of his time traveling all over the nation educating and helping other zoos, private owners with exotics better themselves and the care of their animals. Through Joe's efforts he has rebuilt 3 zoos so they could keep their animals instead of allowing them to be taken away and sent to other facilities.

A Message From Joe Himself - I may not be very politically correct and some people say I spell like a 5 year old, but let me tell ya one thing, I know the animal business and the scams, right along with the corruption that goes on in this industry and ya damn sure don't need to know how to spell or say yes Mame, No Sir in order to expose these dirty bastards. Yep you heard me right, I swear, cuss and do what I must to protect the rights of private owners anywhere and you can bet your ASS we are gonna win this war.